TOITSU-RYU - Искусство выжить и победить

Once upon a time The Creator, taking care of His creatures, gave people The Mirror of Unity. Later it was called The Mirror of Martial Arts. Looking into the Mirror, The Human Being acquired the opportunity to learn about secrets of the highest knowledge of The Human Mind and Body.

Ancient people were able to achieve such development that they managed to not only take on The Evil but even defeat it. After they had rid off The Dark Heat, human beings learnt about principles of the Morality. Conscience and Compassion dawned deep in their hearts. And the Mankind realized Its Unity with Nature and the Universe.

However, the treacherous Evil did not give up trying. The Darkness Forces got hold of The Mirror and Shattered it into a vast number of splinters to scatter them all over the world. Since then, in each country there have been their own kinds of Martial Arts. But as for TOITSU-RYU School, in spite of Pain, Sweat and Blood, it has been The School to gather up the precious splinters and bring The Legendary Mirror of Unity back to life.